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Lost Inn Found

We believe every woman and child should be free from violence and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.   Unfortunately, there are women living in abusive situations and many have children living in this same environment.  Once they finally have the courage to leave an abusive relationship, they may need assistance in education, job training, and general life coaching.

Lost Inn Foundís mission focuses on supporting organizations that help women who may feel lost and alone be able to find themselves again.  They need the resources to become strong, independent and have the ability to support themselves and their children.

Our goal is to grow the foundation to a national level to help abused woman and children in need.  Please continue to check back to see how you can help.    In the meantime we are happy to accept any and all donations by phone at our corporate office.

We ask that our hotel partners consider contacting agencies in their area and donating items such as furniture, linens, blankets and amenities when feasible. 

We encourage you to seek out an organization in your community and find out how you can assist with making a contribution and help change a life.

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