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aspectBlue  will strive to improve the ‘group-booking’ segment of your business and have built personal relationships with many meeting planners.  It has been a nice extension of our sales department without the overhead of additional full-time employees. As you know, this business seems to have a long lead time we are in the final destination selection for about 10 association and/or corporate conventions/retreats from 2009 thru 2012.  The convention that just contracted with us for 2010 will be a $30k-$40k piece of business.    aspectBlue was worth a shot for us and we are pleased with the results!  -


Michael Church
Schweitzer Resort
Sandpoint, Idaho    

"aspectBlue is the most cost effective marketing tool to reach thousands of meeting planners 24/7. We do not have the resources to reach as many planners consistently like they can. Planners who didn't know about us can easily find our property with aspectBlue"

Joely Downing
General Manager
WaterTown Seattle
Seatlle, Washington

I can't encourage you enough to work with Jeri and Kim at aspect Blue.  I can speak from personal experience, having worked with Jeri at the Coeur d'Alene Resort for ten years.  We were both on the management team that opened the Resort in the early 80's. She is both an exceptional person and the consummate professional. I have worked with Kim only a short period of time, since joining Whitetail Club & Resort, but she has been wonderful to work with and her follow through and input have been invaluable. Jeri would only have chosen a partner that mirrored her dedication and commitment.  Jeri and Kim both, immediately helped us with our strategy in pursuing our immediate goals. They have provided me with excellent (qualified) leads and their suggestions are Right ON!  There are many consultants out there now.  Jeri and Kim are the "Spirit of Hospitality."

Robin Monaco
Previous Director of Sales
Shore Lodge
McCall, Idaho    

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeri and Kim for a good many years. In fact, for over 20 years with Jeri. Both of them did an exceptionally fine job for our company. We have been fortunate to enjoy great success and they have certainly helped us to “raise the bar of hospitality".

They were well liked by their fellow associates and both possess outstanding customer relation abilities. Kim and Jeri certainly have great knowledge of what it takes to be successful in the demanding hospitality industry. Their follow through and attention to detail is as good as it comes and they are a pleasure to work with.

Jerald J. Jaeger
Hagadone Hospitality
The Coeur d’Alene Resort
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

We have been using Jeri & Kim as sales consultants for our properties on Oregon’s north coast for the past several months and have found them to be extremely knowledgeable of the hospitality industry and very effective at what they do. They have assisted us in training our sales staff and restructuring our sales process with a customized approach tailored to fit our small market hotels and restaurants. Their vast experience in selling to and servicing both local and regional markets could benefit anyone in the industry, from corporate hotels to destination resorts.

Dave Norstedt
VP of Operations
Martin Hospitality
Cannon Beach, Oregon

We at "The Springs" really appreciate your trip last week.  You are professionals of the best kind and we too look forward to teaming up with you.  I think we learned  significant information about you, your company and how you operate, and it was all very positive!  Safe and happy travels for the both of you!

Bill Newell
Mountain Springs Lodge & Conference Center
Leavenworth, Washington 

As the executive director of one of the largest associations in the state of Idaho, I am tasked with the responsibility of planning and executing our annual meeting. Throughout the years, I have come to rely on the professionalism of Jeri Schaffner as the gold standard to which all my other hotel contacts are measured.

Having worked with her for more than 10 years now, I have come to rely upon her abilities to assist in planning at all levels of a meeting, both the macro side of things, but also the minutia as well. She constantly goes to the mat for her clients, and is one of the few hotel people I deal with that if she indicates something has been taken care of, I no longer need to worry about it. Few people posses her numerous skills, and yet, are a delight to work with. I look forward to having her assist me in her new capacity.

Stuart O. Davis
Executive Director
Idaho Association of Highway Districts
Boise, Idaho

Jeri’s passion for the hospitality industry will take her far. Much to my delight, we began as business associates, but became true friends…. A friendship I will forever cherish!

I always appreciated the fact that Jeri was never aggressive in her pursuit of negotiating with me. She was always flexible, fair and trustworthy. It was always a pleasure every time I signed a contract with her. As a meeting planner, she made my job easy and never failed to make me look good!

Denise Brennan
Executive vice President/CEO
Greater Pittsburgh Automobile Dealers Association
Pittsburgh, PA 

I made the trek to Idaho in hopes of finding a rare gem and a facility that would exceed anyone in our group’s expectations. What I did find was an amazing place in a pristine and picturesque setting that would be perfect for our next event, but even more amazing – I found someone that went over and above the service I’d been used to and thought was “good enough.” In Kim Johnson, any company can be assured they have a person willing to really listen, get into their head, their organization’s culture and tailor an event that will long be talked about. She strives to bring together creativity and uniqueness with incredible focus on service and streamlined organization that can only ensure a successful outcome. She’s truly been a pleasure to work with, pick her brain and be comforted by - as the details stress me out! Now that I’ve known what working with her is like and can compare all others – other organizations should watch out – because she truly raises the bar on hospitality…

Kari Luttrell
Meeting Planner
Crump Insurance Services
Dallas , TX

We’d like to say once again how much we appreciated you two exhibiting during the 2007 Idaho Governor’s Conference on Recreation and Tourism. Without your support our conference wouldn’t have been nearly as successful. You’ve got a great team, ideas and understanding of the hospitality industry which is a huge asset to everyone involved in tourism in Idaho.


Thanks again for all of your support. We look forward to working with you some more for the 2008 Governors Conference.

Mitch Knothe
Idaho Tourism and Labor Department
Boise, Idaho

Kim's strengths in her professional capacity is that she is a joyful, competent and a caring person. She knows how to take care of situations in an unobtrusive manner and makes the client feel less helpless. My experience with Kim is that she projects herself as a knowledgeable person in the hospitality industry and makes every effort to ensure the experience is a win- win situation. She can be your friend as well as a business associate.

Etta D. Reyes
Associate Director, Administration
National Meat Association
Oakland, CA

I appreciate all Jeri has done for the Idaho Association of Counties and its affiliate organizations over the last 15 years.  You have consistently met our needs and requirements for meetings; and have done so with great professionalism, class and a wonderful dose of humor!  No matter what we needed, you always provided an immediate response that was always successful.  I most appreciated the fact that making a "sale" was never the end, but always the beginning!  

Dan Chadwick
Executive Director
Idaho Association of Counties
Boise, Idaho

Kimberly was such a joy to work with.  From our very first phone conversation a year before our arrival, until the conference was concluded, she went above and beyond to see to our every need.  I knew after only a few conversations with her that I could fully depend on her to fulfill her responsibilities and ensure things were organized and ready for our arrival at the resort.  Her attention to detail, her integrity, and her personal desire to make our event a success, all led to a week that will not be forgotten by our club.  Her enthusiasm is contagious to those around her and she will bring a smile to your face, even in the most challenging of moments.  Kim is highly respected as an experienced hospitality professional by her clients as well as her peers.  Her knowledge, her people skills, and her leadership capabilities would benefit any organization looking to improve their sales.  

Cassandra Olmstead
Event Planner
Shikar Safari Club International
Tempe, Az

I just want to express my congratulations to two fine and talented ladies. I have had the pleasure of working with Jeri and Kim for many years during their tenure at The Coeur d’Alene Resort. We have done a couple of major events that would have been impossible without their expertise. Corporate Green Inc. brought the National Negro Golf Association event to the resort in 2004 and 2006, it was a special time for all participants and their wives thanks to Jeri and Kim. They know how to make an ordinary event spectacular! They go the EXTRA mile…

I would highly recommend their sales and consulting services to any organization or corporate client. They are true professionals in every sense of the word.

Bruce Avram
The Review Group, LLC
Boise, Idaho

Understanding the hospitality industry is difficult for most but Kim knows the business and helped make our Rotary International Zone Institute a huge success. Every meeting organizer’s dream is planning and executing a great event that leaves everyone wanting more! I worked with Kim Johnson in developing such an event and at every turn she provided solid guidance and advice. She was responsive, knowledgeable, paid great attention to detail and was always the consummate professional. 

Jerry Hall
Vice President 2006-2007
Rotary International
Reno, Nevada

The two of you are obviously such professionals and, from your years of experience, have put your finger on a niche that will fill a need for those in this industry who will benefit greatly from your expertise, and the industry as a whole will be so much better off from taking advantage of the wonderful services that you offer.

Murray Rosenbaum
Murray Rosenbaum Meetings
Scottsdale, AZ

Kim has always been my “go to” person, whenever I had any question or concerns, she took care of it!

Leonard Walker
Site Selection- Strategic Planning
Western Association of StudentAidAdministrators
University of NevadaReno
Reno, Nevada

Jeri Schaffner is one of the most genuine, caring hotel salespeople I have ever encountered-and I've worked with many.  From day one, she was totally committed to providing me personally and my association with exactly what we needed to make our conference work, especially with less than a year to plan.  She was a gracious hostess when the meeting planners were treated to the FAM trip last fall and that graciousness carried over to our June trip.  My father had just passed away and when Jeri learned that, she took special care to talk with my mother and extended her sympathy in such a gentle way.  She became a friend and that is a rare comment between a client and a salesperson!

Brenda K. Mattson, CMP
Director of Administration
Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry
Boise, Idaho

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